Leadership & Management Diploma (Degree Level)

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This full Leadership and Management Level 5 Diploma has been created with influence from a variety of industries including; Defence, Finance, Technology, Construction, Professional Services and of course Higher & Further Education.

The course has had contributions in development from thought leaders and industry specialists to create a course that will take even the most novice of manager into a highly competent and knowledgeable leader in their field. The self-taught course supercharges leaders ability to perform at extremely high levels by broadening their knowledge and competence over a wide range of key topics.

Take the leap of faith to unleash your true potential by learning some new lessons today.

Units Include:

Unit 1 - Contribute to the development of a Strategic Plan

Unit 2 - Design Business Processes

Unit 3 - Manage Strategic Change

Unit 4 - Provide Leadership & Management

Unit 5 - Promote Equality of Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion

Unit 6 - Develop and manage Collaborative relationships with other organisations

Unit 7 - Optimising the use of Technology and Procurement

Unit 8 - Develop and Maintain Professional networks

Unit 9 - Discipline and Grievance Management

Unit 10 - Manage Physical Resources

Unit 11 - Manage Health and Safety in own area of responsibility

Unit 12 - Managing Social Media within business

Units have additional content support through ebook workshops to expand a learners knowledge and understanding further through continuous learning on subject matters.

You can pay per unit, in 3 or 4 installments or as a one of purchase.


-Quantity 1+
  • Diploma awarded outlining your success in passing the course.

  • Social Media Management
  • Design Business Processes
  • Sales Playbook
  • ProvideLeadership & Management
  • Manage Physical Resources
  • Contribute to the development of a Strategic Plan
  • Diploma awarded outlining your success in passing the course.
  • Social Media Management£99
  • Design Business Processes£99
  • Sales Playbook£99
  • ProvideLeadership & Management£99
  • Manage Physical Resources£99
  • Contribute to the development of a Strategic Plan£99
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Leadership & Management Diploma (Degree Level)

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